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HDZ 400-500
Roller Length 400-500 mm
Roller upper 80 mm
Roller lower 80 mm
Table Width 400-500 mm
Table Length 500-700 mm
Weight 23,0-34,5 kg
Surface Pressure 2.500 kg
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PK 120
PL 300
HD 400-500
HD 401-501
HDZ 400-500
HDZ 401-501
HDZE 400-600
SDZ 400-600
SP 30/40

Printing felts
Etching Needle

HDZ 400-500 Series
Hand printing presses for high and low print graphics

High quality, solid press with a cogwheel drive to set the lower roller in motion. Also good for etching. The base is made of durable, solid aluminium with a lacquer finish.

The wooden press bed is made from 13-layer multiplex and is reinforced by an electrolytic zinc-plated steel plate. It glides frictionless and precisely on eight casters. Roller pressure is initiated by spindles with pressure springs. The force comes from the lower roller. Even by the highest roller pressure, the press is easy and safe to operate because of its cogwheel drive mechanism.

The presses can be ordered in three widths with press bed lengths between 500 and 700 mm. The HDZ 401-501 series offers extra long press beds.

Max. distance top roller - printing plate:    
34 mm
Gear reduction:                                            1:2