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SDZ 400-600
Roller Length 400-600 mm
Roller upper 120 mm
Roller lower 80 mm
Table Width 400-600 mm
Table Length 900 mm
Weight 95,0-150,0 kg
Surface Pressure 5.000 kg
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PK 120
PL 300
HD 400-500
HD 401-501
HDZ 400-500
HDZ 401-501
HDZE 400-600
SDZ 400-600
SP 30/40

Printing felts
Etching Needle

SDZ 400-600 Series
All-round printing presses / Etching presses

The presses in the SDZ series are ideal for all print techniques.

They were originally intended for etching due to their press beds that won�t rust, however have proven themselves to also be ideal for soft materials that cannot handle high pressure (Styrofoam and corrugated board). Etching, low printing, linoleum, wood, every type of material printing, multiple colour printing: this all-rounder among the GEKO presses covers all printing techniques with the highest precision.

The presses are controlled by toothed rack drives on both sides of the massive steel carriage and a cogwheel drive for the lower roller. The steel press bed is parallel and precision-planed on both sides with a strength of 20mm. (The base is constructed of high quality aluminium (aluminium-silumin alloy), that offers advantages to the cast iron used in our other models (less weight, higher solidity, high material durability, long life, no bubbles, etc.).

The presses have a 6-spoked steel wheel. This mechanism ensures ease of use even by the highest pressure settings. The toothed rack drives on both sides provide for absolute accuracy during operation of the heavy steel press beds. Pressure settings are controlled by spindles with large star handles.

Max. distance top roller - printing plate:     56 mm
Gear reduction:                                            1:2