Stockpresse Stockpress SP 30/40
Stockpresse Stockpress SP 30/40
Press Surface

300x470 mm/400x570 mm


ca. 108,0/151,0 kg

Heigth900 mm
Application Height600 mm

Art. No.:

Ô×ö 77630

Ô×ö 77640



High quality GEKO stock press with a solid steel printing surface. The printing surface is plan-parallel precision-planed on both sides. This heavy solid steel design is perfect for all book binding and pasting, as well as woodworking and print graphics.

The SP 30 weighs 110,0 kg with a surface area of 300×470 mm. The SP 40 is 150,0 kg and offers a printing surface of 400×570 mm. Both presses are 900 mm high and have an operational height of 600 mm. The 6-spoke wheel always stays at the same height as the metric spindle, guaranteeing optimal operation with limited physical effort.

The presses can be ordered in two sizes.