GEKO printing presses

Room for Innovation and Change

More than 50 years of experience distinguishes our printing presses from the rest. We make innovation and change a priority. Convince yourself:

Silver Pencil

Introduction of a silver pen.

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Etching Needles

Strong expansion of the product portfolio. Different etching needles with different shapes and designs are available.

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New beginner press PL 250

Introducing the new entry-level model PL 250. This model is specially designed for beginners at an affordable price.

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Newly developed lifting system PL series

Lifting system to prevent the top roller from resting permanently on the pressure plate. At the same time, it is significantly easier to insert the pressure plate into the press.

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New Design of HD series

The HD series has undergone technical changes. The technical data and dimensions are unchanged.

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Stockpresse SP 30/40

High quality GEKO stock press with a solid steel printing surface. The printing surface is precision-planed on both sides. This heavy solid steel design is perfect for all book binding and pasting, as well as woodworking and print graphics.

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Robust, mobile stand compatible with GEKO printing presses

New in our product line is the extra stable steel stands for GEKO presses. The stands are extremely durable, robust, and finished by hand.
The optimal supplement to your GEKO press.

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New professional hand grips for the SDZ series

Our SDZ series is now available with professional handles.
These handles are made of massive steel and durable thermoplastic, facilitating the setting of pressure resistance for the SDZ models.
Positioning the rollers on heavy steel printing presses becomes childish play.

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Skala Scale
New gauges for all GEKO presses

With the help of new gauges on both sides of the presses, the space between the rollers can be set precisely to the millimetre, allowing the pressure on both sides to be accurately determined and the optimal resistance to be easily set.

Additional Products in planning.
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