Cutting Nibs

Linolschneidset 12010
Linolschneidset 12010

Lino Cutting Set in a plastic box

Art. No.: 12010

For linocut and light woodcut, we particularly recommend our linocut set, which has been tried and tested millions of times and consists of five hand-picked cutting tools and a wooden handle with ejector for quick and easy tool changes.

This set is sold worldwide and has become the epitome of linocut. Consists of:

Linolschneidset 12020
Linolschneidset 12020

Linolschneidset im Kunststoffgriff

Art. No.: 12020

This high quality handle produced from man made
material comes with five integrated compartements with
each of the five different nibs described above inside. An
inexpensive lino cutting set of the same strong quality as
the set No: 120100.

Linolschneidset 12050
Linolschneidset 12050

Linolschneidewerkzeug Set in Kunstsoffschachtel

Art. No.: 12050

This lino cutting set contains everything needed to make a lino print. It comes attractively packed in a plastic box, and contains the following.

Wooden handle with nib remover. Five different handsharped cutting nibs of 0.6mm thick hardened steel. Black ink 20ml, Ink roller 60mm wide, Linoleum plate approx.10,5 cm x 15 cm. Ink plate and instruction leaflet. 

Linolschneidset 12190
Linolschneidset 12190

Linolschneidwerkzeug-Set komplett A5

Art. No.: 12190

This special Lino-Set offers all you need for making a Lino Cut and Print in A5 size (15cm x 21cm). It comes in a card board box with hanging up stamp whole. The contents are of our well know ABIG quality.

Inside the box you have: The lino cutting handle and the five different tools V-shaped, small U-shaped, 3mm Ushaped, 4.5mm U-shaped and the cutting tool. The tool remover stick helps to remove the tools from the handle. An ink roller 9cm large and 30mm diameter, A linoleum plate 21cm x 15 cm 80ml colour bottle is also coming with the box.

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